We provide in house TQM tarining and implementation services:

Total Quality Management (TQM) is an organizational management method that seeks to improve quality of products and services by implementing a process of continuous improvement. It is an approach to improve flexibility, effectiveness and competitiveness of an organization. 

 The main feature which distinguishes TQM from other management practices is TQM’s emphasis on continuous improvement. At the core, TQM is a management strategy that aims to deliver long term success through customer satisfaction. 

A TQM system is a method of continuous improvement, in which all employees of an organization play a part in the improvement of products, processes and services, and ‘quality management’ is integrated into all aspects of the organization. It is a way to improve the culture and attitude of the organization. A total quality culture involves doing things right the first time and eliminating wastes and defects from the business. All organization functions like marketing, designing, engineering, production, finance, customer service etc. are integrated together to result in customer satisfaction and for achieving the whole organizational goal.
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