A Workshop to Demystify the Intriguing Art of Making a
Fully-Fashioned Sweater. 
Workshop Objectives 

The real challenge of Sweater manufacturing is to integrate the four different systems that are involved in the manufacturing process; the Designing Concept, the Knitting Machine Programming, the Actual Knitting Operation and the subsequent Making Up and Finishing processes. 
A good designer is the one who has in-depth knowledge of the conceptualization of an idea into a workable design, ideally, they are the ones also trained for creating the patterns and the size charts. 
This workshop is an attempt to make the Pattern Drafting Raglan Sleeve participant clearly understand the theory, the technique and the fundamental rules for making a perfect fit flatbed knitted garment using fully fashion technique. It is an attempt to transform the empirical knowledge of pattern drafting of fully fashion flat knit garments into a methodical procedure. 

Who is it for? 

The Workshop is designed for Knitting Technicians working in Flat Bed Knitted Sweater Manufacturing units. It is also beneficial for Final year students of Three / Four Year Knitwear Designing Diploma / Degree Course.  

The Course Contents 

• Knitting Techniques used in Flat Knit Garments 
• Types of Fully-Fashioned garments 
• The geometry of a Fully-Fashioned Sweater 
• Understanding the Points of Measurement 
• Body Measurements 
• Fully Fashioned styles and the Ease Factor and determining Size Set 
• Grading Principles 
• Pattern Drafting Set In Sleeve 
• Knit Data Preparation 
• The Making Up Techniques 
• Finishing of the Garment 

In Ideal sweater “the arms of the sweater shall be at the same angle as that of the shoulder slope”.

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The Systematic & Sceintific way of Calculations is taught.
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