About the book
This is the first book that explains the right way to make patterns for Fully Fashioned Garments. Whereas the market is full of books on pattern making techniques for various kinds of garments, there is no other book available for Flat Knit Garments.  
“ Traditionally garment size charts and knitwear specifications have been a closely guarded secret within the industry. Each individual manufacturer has its own set and is unwilling to place them as a tool to differentiate its product. Individual knitwear manufacturing specifications have been devised with some understanding of customer expectation, but strongly based on empirical knowledge gathered over many years. In many cases manufacturers have tweaked the measurements to accommodate for variations in fashion knitwear- this may be suitable for cut and sew garments, but for fully shaped knitwear the size and form of the knitted panel is paramount.” Jess Power in The Knitting International published in July 2008 edition.  
Many companies make excellent sweaters, but they kept their patterns as well as pattern making techniques close to themselves only. This book is an attempt to disclose that knowledge to and enable the reader to understand it in the simplest way. 
A Guide to Fully Fashioned Sweater Manufacturing make the reader clearly understand the theory, the technique and the fundamental rules for making a perfect fit flatbed knitted garment using fully fashion technique. 

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About the Author
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The author, Sunil Kumar Puri, C Text, FTI, is a qualified Textile Technologist with B. Text Specializing in Spinning and an M.Sc in Total Quality Management. A lead Auditor from BSI, he has worked as a consultant and advisor to many knitwear companies in India Nepal and Bangladesh as Technical Director, Mentor and Project Director, for Marketing, Production Control, TQM and Product Development. He has to his credit the introduction and sale of a first computerised flat bed knitting machine in India. 

His varied experience in the field of education ranges from writing mannuals and grading methods for knitting and sewing machine operators & Fully Fashioned Woollen Garment Manufacturing to many Dissertations & Publications in journals like The Knitting International, ATA Journal China Textile Journal and many national magazines. 

His contribution to the academic sector, not just includes being an academic advisor of a fashion institute in collaboration with the Pearl Academy of Fashion but also leading one as an executive director. He has also authored a book “Introduction to Retail Math” with case studies on Garment Retailing. 

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